As an established and constantly growing company, the Webware-Experts OHG is an attractive enterprise for motivated and determined employees. In addition to experience and knowledge in the markets and disciplines we serve, an affinity for the latest technologies and innovations is important to ensure a successful cooperation. This also includes gaining new skills and abilities during our medium- and long-term projects. In this way, we not only promote self-determined and creative work, but also the ability to work in a relaxed atmosphere.

To achieve this, it is important for us to create a dynamic environment. In addition to flexible working hours, this includes a healthy work-life balance for our employees, further training, flat organizational structures and short decision-making channels. In this way, we value our committed team and, of course, each individual highly and invest in a long-term cooperation.

Further Training

In our experience, personal and professional development is a cornerstone of a fulfilled working life. The continuous further training of our employees is therefore an important success factor. In addition to expanding their knowledge during their daily and varied tasks, we also offer targeted institutional training opportunities or, for example, part-time studies.

Employee Satisfaction

The basis of a long-term and positive cooperation is employee satisfaction. Therefore, a healthy balance between private and professional life is of great importance to all parties involved. Of course, this also includes family friendliness. We also organize events with all employees and their families.


Below you will find our current vacancies. For detailed information regarding the tasks, requirements and possibilities of the position, please select the relevant job advertisement. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. Please note that the job offers are only available in German!