Ingenieurbüro Dr. Andreas Baumann

The engineering office Dr. Andreas Baumann is our technical partner. As a spin-off from Webware-Experts OHG, it focuses on innovative system and process solutions for the industrial environment.

The engineering office analyzes existing systems as well as the related processes. The aim is to optimize systems according to individual requirements, taking into account the system environment, and thus to make processes more effective and efficient. Based on co-design (mechatronics, hardware and software), the company plans, develops and implements autonomous and robotic systems as well as applications supported by AI and machine learning in an iterative process. In addition, independent software solutions are developed that are integrated into existing systems and extend them with new functionalities.


i³systems GmbH

We are part of i³systems. i³systems is an association of medium-sized consulting, IT and engineering companies in the Braunschweig/Wolfsburg region. Currently, the cooperation consists of 28 IT service companies.