weInspect is the future-oriented module for an easy cooperation between service technicians and remote experts. In order to work together optimally in the field, weInspect does not require any special additional software. Teamwork is carried out via a web browser on any end device - regardless of whether it is a PC, notebook or mobile device. As a central element, it offers users an interactive graphic interface (called whiteboard), which is used simultaneously by two or more participants on different devices in dialogue situations.

weInspect is extensively equipped to reduce service costs for users and enable effective collaboration: photo and video functions, text and audio chat as well as checklists for standardized instructions are optimally coordinated so that success can be achieved quickly together. Another important aspect is the combined experience of the remote experts. This is bundled and made available to the service technicians in real time by using weInspect. Urgent malfunctions can thus be rectified more quickly, resulting in minimized processing times and costs.

Document sharing is also an important feature. Machine-relevant documents – such as manuals or maintenance lists – are provided and exchanged quickly and comprehensively by remote experts and service technicians. Based on this, time can be saved by marking text passages in these documents and inserting bookmarks to simplify access for service technicians and speed up on-site maintenance work.

Five arguments for weInspect

- Simultaneous use of the interactive graphical user interface on different end devices via web browser

- Effortless exchange via text and audio chat for fast communication, photo and live video for effective collaboration

- Document sharing with mark and bookmark functionality to solve problems quickly

- Checklist function for automated procedures

- Cooperation minimizes maintenance times and costs

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