weInspect AR

Module weInspect AR focuses on uninterrupted work by service technicians. When a malfunction is rectified, remote experts and the system support and guide the work in real time, without having to interrupt the work for communication. weInspect AR relies entirely on technical progress in the form of data goggles. In practice, these not only provide optimum support for service technicians, but also create economic benefits through efficiency and the resulting time savings.

The basis of the application is Augmented Reality – the computer-supported extension of reality. The service technicians see the real situation through the data goggles with additional digitally displayed information. The advantage over smartphones or tablets is that users can view the information freehand and follow the acute work simultaneously.

In addition, weInspect AR supports the video chat function. During the assignment, the service technicians’ benefit – also freehand – from the knowledge and experience of the remote experts. These in turn follow the on-site events in real time.

Furthermore, weInspect AR offers – similar to the module weInspect – a checklist function. This also allows a simple and error-free step-by-step procedure, which gives the staff increased processing and solution competence.

Another special feature is the linking of weInspect AR with the sensor data of the machines and plants. Service technicians can view available data and observe the actual physical process simultaneously.

Five arguments for weInspect AR

- Freehand working without restrictions with insight into real-time sensor data

- Video chat for communicating with remote experts

- Intuitive visualization of the plant condition

- Checklist function with automated instructions for more efficient work

- Insight into machine-relevant documents

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