IoT Gateway

Modern technologies must be taken into account to equip machines and plants for Industry 4.0. An important component is an intelligent and multifunctional IoT Gateway, which is the link between the machine and the higher-level IT system. The aim is to network machines and systems, sensor and process data intelligently using AI algorithms and thus optimize processes cost-effectively.

Due to the large number of machines and the complexity of the predictive maintenance area, a coordinated configuration of the upstream and downstream technologies of the IoT Gatway is therefore important. Our solution takes into account the entire system, including sensors, microcontrollers, backend and dashboard visualization in our module weMonitor.

Features of the IoT Gateway

The IoT Gateway is equipped with various functions to ensure a high-quality standard and stable data processing:

  • Intelligent communication with other systems using a wide range of protocols
  • Protected data transmission through the implementation of a high security standard
  • Fast data transfer by implementing a fog computing architecture in the context of an IIoT platform
  • Intelligent storage of pre-processed data, generated alerts and performed data analysis

The weMonitor hardware implements various functions in different versions of the IoT Gateway. These include:

  • Safety and security
  • Local data storage of sensor and alert data
  • Data transmission to the central weMonitor platform
  • Availability of a locally callable monitoring webapp
  • Signal analysis and alert generation

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